Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holdenville! HA!

Okay. I know I was supposed to go to bed, but Ry(my cousin Ryleigh) sent me a text message to tell me that she was watching Reba(the tv show) and Kelly Clarkson was on. Okay who cares right? Well on Reba Kelly plays a girl from HOLDENVILLE. HAHAHA!!!! If you don't know, Eric and I are from Holdenville! Our families live there and that is TOO funny! If you click play on this YouTube video she talks about it with Reba in the first few minutes. HA!!! Okay Nat, Trish, Becky, Erin, and Susan!!! How funny is THAT?? LOL
Okay I took my Advil and now I'm really off to bed!


Sooz said...

That is hysterical!

Trisha said...

That is awesome!

The Christenson's said...

I love it!! My in-laws saw the episode and told me about it a while back. I haven't seen it for myself until now. THAT is too funny! How random!!

~Kim said...

I am to from Holdenville, but I have so been there...that is just down right funny!!