Monday, August 25, 2008


Do men ever truly grow up? I don't think so. LOL
I can't even find the right word for how I am trying to describe Eric. Not lazy. Not childish. I'm just not sure. Eric has this habit of not doing the most simple tasks. I will wake and come in the kitchen in the morning after he has left for work and every cabinet door will be open. When I ask him why he can't close the doors he says "I didn't have time." Okay. He has been doing this since college.
I will walk into the bedroom after he has been digging for clothes and every drawer will be open. "He didn't have time to close them." Drives me nuts.
The other day he took Brodey, a guy he works with at the office, and his son to Bass Pro. He was eating some leftover pizza before he left and when I went into the bathroom to get ready I noticed he left the crust on the counter in the bathroom. Now you have to know that where he left the pizza is on the cabinet directly above the trash. I know. It bugged me too. Plus it's gross! BUT I didn't throw it away. I decided to see how long it would take for him to throw it away or IF he would even do it. He probably assumed I would do it. Um okay. Not this time buddy.
The evening rolls around. He comes back and takes another shower, goes to bed, and the pizza is still sitting there on the cabinet right above the trash can. It just got all over me. I knew he had to see it before he went to bed!
He charges his phone in the bathroom every night. I took the pizza and put it right on top of his iphone. There is no way for him to get his phone until he moved the pizza. Surely if he actually moves the pizza he will go ahead and throw it away! Right?
I wake up this morning and I just KNEW he had thrown the pizza away. I went straight into the bathroom and the pizza was sitting on the counter AGAIN!!! I was like oh no he didn't!
I took the pizza, opened his underwear drawer and put it right on top of his underwear. He had to see it as soon as he opened the drawer.
I was so good and didn't mention it all day.
Tonight I just so happened to be standing there talking to him when he got out of the shower and opened the top drawer. I had actually forgotten about the pizza.
He's like "What in the world? Is this pizza in my drawer?"
I'm like "Yep. You're a quick one."
He laughs. "Why did you put it in my underwear drawer?"
I'm like "Why didn't you throw it away?" (I'm laughing but half serious.)
No answer from him.
The phone started ringing so I had to walk away. DARNIT!
I thought for SURE he would throw it away. He's no dummy! He's had enough school! Who wants pizza on the bedroom dresser? What the heck?
Tonight after dinner we brought up the pizza again. I can't remmeber how it started but I said "Did you not notice the pizza on your phone this morning?"
He was like "Hmmm OH YEAH! I did!" (He's laughing again.)
I said "Why didn't you throw it away?"
He said "I don't know!"
"When you didn't throw it away it made me mad so I put it in your underwear drawer."
He just laughed and went to sit by Brodey.
I said "You finally threw it away...right?"
He was like "Yeah. (smile) Yeah."
He went to bed and JUST NOW I washed my face and walked by the dresser and it was STILL THERE!!!!! (Now I dont want you to think my house looks nasty with food everywhere. I keep it pretty darn clean! I am just trying to drive a point home. He's obviously a slow learner.)
So anyway I'm angry but a little amused. I'm mad at him for expecting ME to clean up after him but I'm laughing because I'm having fun attempting to teach him a lesson.
I take the pizza and put it on top of the soap HE uses in the shower. HAHAHAHAA!!!!! I can't wait to see what he says tomorrow. I only half want him to throw it away now. It's just too fun! He might realize I'm making fun of him now and go ahead and throw it away. I hope he sees it before he turns on the water! YUCK!!! He will probably get mad and get a new bar of soap! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh gosh it's too funny!
Okay I will let you know how the pizza saga ends.
I'm going to bed. This pizza girl's tired!


~Kim said...

You are a hoot April! My DH, Joey, is the SAME way! Royally ticks me off. I'm constantly saying "Don't give me that you don't have time line".

Can't wait to see what he does/says about the soap. Tell him he smells a little greasy tomorrow! : )


mommy2alex said...

Hehe - that's so funny April! I cannot wait to hear how this ends!
My dh didn't want me to get cable ("why pay for something that you can get with a good ole intenna?" - hello, we don't live in a trailer!), so when the cable lady came, I had her hook it up in the top two floors, but not in the basement where his theatre is - he's not watchin my cable!

Sooz said...

Too funny and so Eric. I think he was a little bit spoiled growing up with a mom who did everything for them. Thank goodness Mady came along to help with the testosterone levels in the Massad house. It sounds unreal but Richard helps me do everything from laundry on down to washing dishes. Maybe its because he's older..I dunno but I love it. Hope the pizza got tossed by HIM!

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

This is funny - and so familiar!! I'm glad to hear things like this don't just happen in my house! =)

The Christenson's said...

So is that a picture of the pizza of top of his soap?? Oh my goodness that is so freaking funny!! I can just see you looking around and thinking about where to put it next and laughing all sneaky like. That made me smile. LOVE IT!! Courtney is the exact same way with the cabinet doors and dresser drawers. I so do not get it!!