Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My house is jinxed!

I promise you my house is jinxed. Besides the big time flood recently, we are always having things happen. Today, I was in the kitchen mixing up some bean dip, and I notice water is running out from under the fridge. I'm like WHAT!?!?! So I try to pull it out to turn the water off to it and can't get it out far enough. I run in and get some towels to soak up the water and call Eric. He's like well pull it out and turn the water off......I'm like are you serious? Like I'm not smart enough to do that! GEEZ! So after that arguement is done, he comes home to turn the water off. But my gosh! Imagine if we hadn't been home like last time! Acutally I guess it wouldn't matter, would it? LOL So I am surfing the web tonight looking for new houses....
I actually made dinner tonight. Brodey screamed the entire time. I swear to you I am 3 inches from him and he is screaming. This separation anxiety stuff is going to have to stop. I can't get anything done!
Pretty boring day. I did get one layout done. It was for the Design Team at www.addictedscrappers.com. The January Kit is so pretty! I used it in addition to some stamps by Autumn Leaves and Technique Tuesday. The Technique Tuesday stamp I used on the letter "F" and the Autumn Leaves I used to make the flower. I stamped three different colors of cardstock, cut them out, and then pieced them togther. It turned out pretty neat! The photo is one from high school. The journaling reads:: May 1997 ~ Natalie, Me, and Ashlie This photo was taken right after the sports banquet our senior year of high school. I have known Natalie all of my life. I have known Ashlie since Kindergarten. These girls are still my friends! We have had some good times together, and we have had some bad times together. Getting through the bad times is what makes a good friendship. I’m so lucky to have friends like this! Journaling January 2007 It was fun to scrap a high school photo!
Okay my dogs are barking at something that doesn't exist so I better go peck on the window before everyone wakes up.

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