Thursday, January 18, 2007

I love my blog!

I love my blog. It's like my own little diary. LOL BUT I'm way better at keeping this updated than I ever was with a diary. I think it's because after a while I get sick of writing and I'm a pretty fast typer. Who knows!
I am trying to hard to think of photos to use for this week's Survivor Challenge at We are supposed to scrap a layout about our town. Well my town's kind of totally covered by ice. I was thinking of taking photos of the ice and scrapping that....but is that boring? I can't go anywhere until tomorrow. Eric is actually going to leave me the Hummer so I can finally proof Brodey's pics at Taylor Made. So maybe I'll try to take some pics then. Wish me luck from falling and busting my you know what! LOL
The layout I posted the other day, "12 Weeks", is going to be featured on the scrap blog called "Multi-Photot Scrapbook Gallery" the link is I can't seem to figure out how to link on my blog. I have read and re-read the directions and Miss Fix-it can't seem to fix it. Anyway, it's a pretty cool gallery if you want to check it out! I'm more of a single photo layout kinda gal, but we can always take something from every layout!
We have carpet in our bedroom now! The house is actually starting to look normal. Well....that's if you ignore the missing base boards and holes in the bottom of my cabinets! Hahaha!
I did the layout above about two months ago. I love it. I used Photoshop to combine the photos for this ultra simple page. Love it!
I better go. I updated early tonight. We are going to go eat at Zen Asian Dining. Awesome!!! I have to come back and bust my booty to move everything out of the remaining bedrooms. Fun! Carpet guys will be here SUPER early tomorrow! They are going to try to get done early to beat the new winter storm coming. Fingers are still crossed my MIL gets to come tomorrow!!!!

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