Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby!

So the sleet here has turned into one huge sheet of ice! There is about 4 inches of ice/sleet from my front yard...probably around the entire neighborhood! The poor UPS man delivered Brodey's Valentine's day shirts today and he slid right back down to his truck!
I had to take Brodey to the doctor this morning for his 12 month exam. On the way, the car beside me spun over into oncoming traffic. That was scary. Very lucky for him that the cars were far enough away that they stopped..well skidded slowly to a stop. Then on my way back, in the very same spot, two cars crashed into each other and were up onto the curb. The curb was level with the road. In the parking lot the speed bumps were non-existent. That's how deep the ice/sleet is! I'm so sick of it!
The carpet peeps come tomorrow morning bright and early! I hope they make it here without having an accident. I told the guy at the carpet place that my carpet wasn't that important. Don't get me wrong..I really, really want it, but not bad enough for someone to get hurt!
Poor Brodey had to get four shots today and he had to get his finger pricked for a blood test. It was so sweet. He was babying his finger and I said "Let mommy kiss it and make it better" and he put his finger up to my lips! SO SWEET!!!!!
I got my February Kit today from today!!! YES it's as awesome as the photo I posted last night!!! I made a door hanger that is TO DIE FOR!!! I'll take a photo of it and post it tomorrow!
The post above is the layout from the Survivor challenge at! The scan cut off the top and right side...couldn't fix it. Sorry! The challenge is so fun! Wish me luck to win! The winner wins a Cricut!!!
Okay I'm going to bed. Early rise tomorrow!! Hopefully.

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Audra said...

Be careful! Love the new page, the photo grouping in the bottom is adorable!