Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week one is done!

Week one is done! I finally finished my re-do layout for the Last Scrapper Standing at!!! I am so glad! I seriously thought I wouldn't finish in time! After the screw up first layout (which I really liked) I couldn't find my FUN mojo! If you don't know, I didn't read the rules carefully and I used the word "fun" in the title for the first layout I did. The first layout is posted in the post "Oops." This contest is for a $100 gift certificate to Just 4 Keeps! I want it SO bad! So everyone wish me luck! I can't post my layout yet, but if you go HERE! My layout is obviously the one with Brodey in it! I'm happy with how it turned out but I just hope it's fun enough. I really hope I get at least one vote! That would be embarassing if I didn't! Oh well!
That's about all I got done today. It took until 2:30 to get THAT done. Brodey was better today, though. I think he is finally feeling better from his shots. He always does that with shots. Thank goodness Ally pretty much cleaned the house tonight! I am hoping and praying my MIL, Rene, gets to come tomorrow. I will get SO MUCH done if she does. I have so many layouts to catch up on it's ridiculous! I am used to getting at least 2 per day done, but with life being crazy lately it just hasn't happened! It will get back to normal soon!
My Arbonne order finally came today! Gosh I needed my night cream SO bad! My skin gets so dry this time of year. A humidifier doesn't even help! Poor Brodey is going to be the same way, I can already tell. That's okay. His baby oil was in with that order too!
The layout I posted above is an older one. I did it probably three months ago. I hate the photo of me, but I love the photo. Does that even make sense??
Okay I am going to attempt to put Brodey in his bed so I can scrap a little! It's already 11pm, so we'll see.

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