Friday, January 12, 2007

The weatherman knows all...

My gosh! If the weatherman said jump most people would ask how high! Word on the news is there is going to be a huge winter storm rollin' in tonight. "The worst winter storm to hit in years" blah blah blah. People believe, let me tell you!
I had to go to Crest today to get Brodey's cake and balloons for photos. If you do not live here, Crest is a huge grocery store that has just about every grocery imaginable, including a bakery and flower shop. So I get there and notice that the parking lot is full. I don't mean no close spots, I mean FULL to the road. Their parking lot is huge. I'm like what in the world? It's noon on a Thursday! So I finally find a space and get in and it looks like the day before Thanksgiving times 100! There are at least 6 people in line at each register and their carts are LOADED! I'm like you've got to be kidding me! If the weatherman even mentions the word ICE, people lose their minds! I go to check out with my two items, and there is no way I'm getting out of there in less than 30 minutes. So...I head to the customer service counter and put my sweet face on. They checked me out in less than five minutes! SCORE!

Then, I head to the car with my six balloons and attempt to get them into the car. Oklahoma wind can be pretty fierce. Today it was blowing at about 30mph. Try to get six balloons in a car! Just try! It took me forever! I was seriously laughing because it was impossible!

I finally made it to Taylor Made in one piece!! On time too! Brodey looked so handsome for photos! He wore two sweaters I found at Gymboree! We took some of him on a bench with some bears Eric got me years ago. We took some with him reading a book. My favorites were some we took of him holding on to my leg and smiling at the camera! They are SO SO cute!

After all that we got to bring out the cake and balloons! I truly thought he would dig in and not stop until we took him away! Totally not the case! He acted like he wanted to tear into so we put him down with it, he smacked his hand into it, and then looked at us like "okay who's going to clean off my hand?" He did not want to touch it! Finally Randy, the photographer, got down and ate a little and tried to get Brodey to eat some off of his fingers. He finally licked a little off, but that was all of that! So not what I thought would happen! It was funny, though!

The photos turned out fabulous, but I'm so glad it's over! I get stressed about stuff like that! I wait until the last minute and then I stress that everything's going to turn out right! Phew!

The carpet lady finally came today!!! I knew what carpet I wanted immediatly! I'm pretty decisive when it comes to stuff like that. They are going to be here at 8am tomorrow to try to get some of it in before the "winter storm." I am thrilled! It really sucks walking around on carpet with no padding!

I get so sad when I think about tomorrow! I still can't believe Brodey will be one! One year ago today I had some contractions in the morning. I had no idea he would be coming the next day! He was early! My due date was the 28th and he was born on the 12th! SO SAD!!!

Hopefully I will get some time to scrap soon! Dealing with the house and Brodey's birthday have taken my "me" time away! I need some bad!!!
The photo I posted above is of Brodey with his Uncle Mike! They love each other!!! I'm lucky to have such awesome in-laws!!!

Okay I better go to bed! The carpet men will be here bright and early!



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