Monday, January 15, 2007

Good results...

Have you ever created half of a project and the other half didn't work out? Well I did today!!!
On Brodey's birthday, I took random photos all day. Photos of him eating breakfast, watching the Backyardigans, taking a nap, and so on. My intent was to make a mini album with a key ring and store it in this litte band-aid tin from January Kit. It's the cutest little thing! It's made by Provocraft and I thought I had a fantastic use for it.
So this morning I edit all the photos, 18 to be exact, and I print them all out. I type little descriptions of them all and I print that out. I adhered the photos to the back of the description and put eyelets through the top to make the book. I get all this done with Brodey. No it wasn't easy. After all this work I go to fit it into the tin and IT DIDN'T FIT!! Can you believe that? All that effort and the darn thing didn't fit!
Now I am a problem solver. Some people aren't, but I am. So I go around the house and look in my scrap stash and finally I found a solution! I cut two pieces to heavy chipboard and adhered patterned paper to them. I put eyelets into them and I made a mini album! It is so cute!!!! I posted the pic at the top. I only shared a few photos, but it turned out super cute! Even Eric was impressed! It's tiny. Only about 2.5x3.5 inches, but I really think Brodey will love it when he is old enough to! So the little book ended up with good results!!
The only regret is I wish I had laminated the pages before setting them with eyelets! That would have protected them from finerprints.....HEY! Don't they make a spray that protects??? Uh I'll have to check that out!!!
So the last few days have been so boring. I didn't have anything to post. Tomorrow I will post my layout from the Survivor Challenge at It is going to be so fun! There are some amazing entries so I'll doubt I'll win, but it's fun anyway!
Like I said, no news. It's boring here. Maybe we can finally get out of the house tomorrow! My parents and grandparents just go power back at their house. Luckily we have generators, but that stinks! Hopefully it will get warm and the ice will go away!
Okay, it's still pretty early for this night owl. I guess I'll go try to scrap something! LOL

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