Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vacation is over...

Well, MIL went back home. Vacation is over! It was great fun, though! haha! I just love it when she comes! She swears nothing can stop her from coming back Friday. I said BE MY GUEST!!!

We had so much fun last night! We have never gone bowling and we went! Fun! It was me, Eric, Brodric(Eric's brother), Tara(Brodric's girlfriend), Mike(Eric's other brother), and RJ showed up eventually. Eric works with RJ. He is the office managar and his brother is the other dentist Eric works with. Tara kicked all our butts! LOL What is so funny is she could care less. She just walks up and drops the ball! Drives Eric nuts because he honestly stinks at bowling. I love it because he is good at everything else! I came in second, then Brodric, Mike, and Eric. Eric was DEAD last and it was hilarious! He is such a sore loser! LOL After that we ate at Texas Roadhouse and it was just a fun night! So great to get out and do something! Can't wait to go again!

I finally finished the birthday tin for my grandma!! SO glad! I have had the supplies to do it for a long time, and the challenge at pushed me to finish it! The challenge was to do an altered item. I posted the pic above. If you click on it, it enlarges it and you can see it better. It was pretty difficult to get the paper just right. Decoupage medium is a lifesaver on projects like that. It makes the paper very pliable and easier to get around the hardware. I love how it turned out. It looks way better in real life, of course! Can't wait to give it to her! I think she is going to love it!

Isn't it amazing what a few days makes? Brodey is just a mobile little toddler now! It is SO sad to me. He is growing up! It is nice, though because he plays better now and doesn't seem to get as frustrated that he can't get where he wants to go. It is the cutest when he picks something up and carries it! So funny!

Eric's been bugging me to get Brodey's hair cut. I'm like NO WAY!!!! That is just too much for me! That would be way too sad! He says it's getting too long in spots. I'm like it looks cute, leave it alone! I love his little curls! Plus, I always dress him boyishly! You would have to be dumb to think he's a girl!
I am going to try to get several layouts done tomorrow! Wish me luck! Now that the tin is out of the way, I can start on other things!

Okay, I'm going to bed now. I usually stay up when it's this early, but not tonight. Brodey had a very, very rough night's sleep last night. He was up from 2am to 5am. I mean UP. Like trying to stand up in bed and everything. I was losing my mind. Eric took Benedryl and was no help. Finally at 5 he went to sleep. That was no fun at all. So I need my beauty sleep tonight!
I'm off to bed!


Jaci said...

April, I saw your link and thought I'd stop by and say "HI".

Love the lunch box! You did a FAB job on it and I'm sure your grandma is going to love it too! Glad you got the push you needed to finish it!

Bowling is so much fun! My hubby and I used to bowl on a league. I totally stunk but I didn't care because I was having fun! Sounds like you guys had fun too!

Jaci (bonbitz)

Margo said...

I am so loving your creations for the Chalet challenges. The lunch box is awesome.

Oh it sounds like you are as lucky as I am with having an awesome MIL.