Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What a day...

Good golly! What a day! I don't even know where to begin!
I had the appoitment today at 1:30 for the allergy specialist so he could hopefully figure out why I randomly get covered in hives. SO off I go perfectly on time to the office. I get there with one minute to spare and they tell me I came to the wrong office. WHAT!?! This is the address they gave me and it was the wrong one! So I head to the office 20 minutes away and I go ahead and call them to let them know I will be late. The lady cannot get my name right...Manley...Massey...MASSAD I SCREAM!!! Well she doesn't see me on her list. I'm like look lady, "the appointment was made last minute and I have no idea who works there so I could not possibly make up a name like Dr. Bozalis." She finally gets things together and I tell her I need directions. Well "she doesn't come that way to work so she doesn't really know." OH MY GOSH! "And the building is funny looking and you will turn into a driveway...but it's not really a driveway." I am about to kill someone! I tell her okay just let them know I'll be late.
I call my mom and ask her to please get online and give me directions. Wouldn't you know that this is the time for the internet not to work!?!
At the same time I look up to see traffic at a dead stop. A truck decided to run into the barricades. No I'm not kidding.
So I finally figure out where this place is and get in. The main receptionist is not a nice lady. I tell her "I had an appointment with Dr. Bozalis at 1:30." She looks at the clock and says "WELL they always want patients to be here early. So I don't know..." I am about to lose it. I say "Well I've already spoken to the office today and they are expecting me." She says "WELL, just a minute." She gets on the phone and I could hear what was said. They tell her it isn't a problem and the office gave me the wrong address. So then she is like "WELL did you fill out the questionaire?" I'm like "No I told you this was last minute. I was only refered here yesterday." Then of course all my information is wrong because I haven't even been there since Eric was in dental school. So THAT made her mad. FINALLY I was finished with her.
I head upstairs where they are MUCH nicer and proceed to wait in the waiting room for one hour. Yes one hour with Brodey. It wasn't fun.
Finally Dr. Bozalis called me into his office and to sum it up, they have no idea what is wrong with me. They do not know what causes the "severe unexplained hives" and I am to take notes every time I have an "episode" and every time my feet and hands swell and itch. Wow. All that to find out I have to take notes. He says it could be cause by stress, but they weren't sure. I said "well if it was stress I would be covered right now. Because today has been one of those days!" I DID find out that I am most likely not allergic to pecans or cashews, after all. I said great! I will have my mom bake me a pecan pie this weekend to celebrate! haha!
So...I didn't even get home until almost 5pm. I got nothing done today. No clean house. No laundry. No layouts. I am SO SO SO behind! I feel like I will never ever catch up! Poor me, right? Haha! I guess it could be worse! But gosh I hate that feeling that you have so much to do and you will never get caught up!
I DID finish one layout. It's the one posted above. It was for the Survivor Challenge at www.scrapbookchalet.com. The only reason I finished it is because Brodey was asleep on the Boppy and I just had to print out the journaling! LOL At least I finished it in time to load it!
I HAVE to get my layout done for the Last Scrapper Standing challenge at www.just4keeps.com! That is my goal for tonight!!! Wish me luck!
Okay I'm off to find something to eat for dinner. Eric went to see Dr. J's father in the hospital so he ditched me for dinner! Sounds like Lucky Charms are calling my name! After all...they're magically delicious! Hahahaha!!!

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Audra said...

CONGRATS on the book! Yay for you!Sounds like the doctors was a fiasco~ i detest the doctors office. They all seem to follow Murphey. Love the page. Awesome job!