Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a week.....

Geez what a week. I haven't posted in forever and trust me, I have a good reason!

This week has been filled with drama, but I have to start out on a positive note!!! I totally won the December Photo Contest at! I was so so excited when I received the e-mail! I just love that photo of Brodey! It isn't a typical Christmas photo, but I adore it and couldn't believe I won! Sorry just had to share!!!

Christmas was great! It was our very first Christmas with Brodey and it was a ton of fun! Yes he was a good boy and Santa came to visit! He got lots of toys and some realy great clothes! I got my Epson printer and I got Eric some fun CD's and other stuff!

We left to go to our paren't houses on Christmas day around 3pm. We had a great Christmas there until the day after when our neighbor called at about 3pm. (Yes exactly 24 hours after we left the house) He called to let us know that when he came back from running to the grocery store he noticed water running down our driveway out from our garage. He said our hot water pipe had broken under our sink and our entire house was flooded. Yes ENTIRE house. They shut off the water, but there wasn't much else he could do. We hurried home to find a complete mess. When the garage door was opened, water just ran out. We called the insurance company and they sent people over to pull out the padding, place fans and humidifiers everywhere, and to get out furniture onto the tile floors. They ripped off the base boards (and some paint in the process) and had to drill holes in the base of my cabinets to dry them out. We couldn't stay here to we had to go to a hotel for several days.

So, as if things weren't bad enough, I get sick that night with the worst stomach bug I have ever had. Almost one year ago Brodey was born via c-section and my stomach pains were just as bad...if not worse than that. So there I was. No clean clothes, in a hotel room, so sick, with an 11 month old. Not good times. Thank goodness my mother came to save the day! She took care of us and I was fine within 36 hours!

We ended up staying at my mother's through the holiday and we are finally back home! It's so very nice to be back in my own bed! The house is back to normal, minus the padding to the carpet, several doors, and the base boards. We will get new carpet soon and my scrapbook supplies will be unpacked tomorrow! YEAH!!! Life will resume!

Brodey's first birthday is days away. He will be one on the 12th. Time truly flies and there isn't anything we can do about it except try to freeze it in our scrapbooks. So much to do!

The photo in this post is of the awesome January kit from It is a ton of fun! It contains the new Doodle Genie from Chatterbox! Head over and check it out!

I better go now! I guess I'll head to bed instead of scrapping like usual! You can bet I'll be up late scrapping tomorrow! Lots of catching up to do!

Have a wonderful day!


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