Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just another day...

Today was just another day! I love that. This last week has been so hectic! To have an uneventful day is bliss!
Our insurance agent stopped by. He seems positive that we will get new carpet. I am SO hoping this will be the case. I can't imagine this carpet holding up much longer after being totally soaked. It's so brittle when you even bend it. My fingers AND toes are crossed for new carpet!
So my Christmas decorations are all up. Sad to see them go. It was my first Christmas to really decorate my own home. Fun stuff! Can't wait to do it again next year!
I was laughing because that was my Question of the Day at "Are your Christmas decorations put up yet?" I could answer yes to that, but I had to admit I still have a Halloween yard sign up. I am seriously lol about it right now! I have NO idea why I can't put it up. Drives hubby INSANE! I think maybe that's why it's still up. I'm screwed if I get any trick or treaters! LMBO!
The super simple layout above is for the Beginner's Class I'm teaching at on the 6th. If you live in Oklahoma, come by and take the class! A couple of other Design Team members are also teaching! Fun times!
I better go! Tonight I finally got my scrap supplies out of storage and the paper trimmer is gonna be smokin'! LOL

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