Monday, January 22, 2007


Oops. That is what you get when you don't read the directions thoroughly. An oops and a layout you love? Haha! I am participating in the Last Scrapper Standing Challenge at The first challenge was to make a layout that is "fun." Well I did that and I used fun in the title. The layout is posted above. Well after I am almost finished, something clicks in my mind and I do back and read the directions. It says make a layout that is fun, but do not use fun in the title. WELL! April gets an F in following directions today! Haha! Oh well. I love the layout and I guess I'll just do another one tomorrow!
I am so totally behind it isn't even funny. Every spare second I get I try to get the house back in order. It still looks like we just moved in. Do you ever clean and just move mess to another part of the house and it just keeps on moving? I'm doing that now. I need to just get a trash bag and say hasta lavista, baby. (did I even spell that right??) I'm going nuts! I usually complete at least 2 layouts per day and I am lucky to do one every other day. I just keep telling myself that everything will get back in order. Eventually.
We had visitors today!! My parents came to bring my sister, Ally, back! She starts back to school tomorrow for the first time in a week. I always hated returning to school after a break. So hard to get up!
My goal for tomorrow is three layouts. HA! Do you think that will happen? We will see! I need to do my Design Team layouts for and I need to do another layout for Just 4 Keeps AND the layout for this week's Survivor Challenge at Not much right? Hahahaha!
Hopefully Brodey will feel better tomorrow. He has really been feeling his shots this time. He always gets a fever after getting his shots. So it would be nice for him, and me, if he feels better tomorrow!
Okay I'm going to bed now. Maybe Brodey will sleep better tonight!!

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Audra said...

you might get an F in directions, but you get an A and a gold star for creativity! LOVE that LO! Fantastic job!