Thursday, January 04, 2007

How Sweet!

Colton, my sister's boyfriend, is SO SWEET! He sent my sister flowers today (without being reminded) for their 6 month anniversary! Ahhhh! 6 pink roses for 6 months! Ah the sweet high school days....Eric used to do stuff like that. But now we are an old married couple! LOL
It's so slow for me to get back in the swing of things. When the house flooded I had to pack all my scrap supplies up and put them in storage. None of it got wet, thank goodness. But now I have them unpacked and there are so many layouts I need to do for design teams! Ah!!! They will get done, but it will be a couple of days.

I didn't get anything done today because the wood guy and the carpet guy stopped by. I'm not sure about the carpet. It might be fixable. I'm like whatever at this point because I'm just ready to get the house in some sort of order. Their is, however, so much wood stuff that needs to be replaced/fixed. Oh one plus! The wallpaper in the master bath has to be taken down. Okay I will admit it is pretty wallpaper, but I'm just not a wallpaper kind of girl. So they have to rip it down, texture the wall, and paint. Geez this whole flood thing is going to drag out forever. Oh well! What can you do?

The layout I posted above is for the Design Team at I used the new Modern Romance line by Daisy D's. It's so so pretty! I took these photos of Brodey last week. They are so cute! The journaling on the layout reads: Sink Bath ~ Brodey, you love sink baths! I can remember taking them at my Granny's house! Your daddy took them too but he doesn't remember. They are so much fun and I'm not sure why! Maybe it's because it's something different. Maybe it's because everyone has to come and pay attention to the baby in the sink. Who knows! I do know that I don't have any photos of me and your daddy in the sink. That's why I'm so glad I have tons of photos of my cute baby in the sink! In the sink at Mumu's house! December 2006.

Oh I'm so excited! Saturday begins my weekly challenge at!! It is going to be a scraplift challenge! Not only scraplifting full layouts, but also ideas and techniques! SO EXCITED!

We got a sneak peek of the February kit at! Let me tell you it is awesome!

Well I have to go and try to get some layouts done! Maybe I can remember to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight! I am the world's worst at forgetting when certain shows are on!



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