Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vacation Baby!

For most people, when their mother-in-law comes to stay it's hell. For me, it's a vacation baby! MIL came yesterday and stayed the night! SO HAPPY!!!! I was able to clean house and get a layout done last night! I posted it above. I used a photo of Eric from our wedding and I did it for the February Kit at! Their kit is awesome! I still have two other layouts in the works, but I'm so glad I finished that one!
Also, I got my February Kit in the mail yesterday for! It is totally beautiful! It is so romantic and unlike all the other kits for February! I can't wait to play with it!
I am also working on an altered lunch tin. I promised my grandmother that I would make it for her. I got a list of everyone's birthdays in our family and made recipe card-like cards and put everyone's birthdays on it. I'm not finished, but when I am I will post it. The challenge this week for the Survivor Challenge at is to make an altered item. I thought this would be a good push for me to finish it.
Brodey is finally walking! He looks so cute, too! He doesn't "take off" of anything, but he walks for about two yards and then gives up and crawls. Also, he does this new monkey crawl over the tile. It is SO funny looking! He looks just like a baby monkey!
My brother-in-law and his girlfriend, Tara, came up today! We are going to go bowling in a little bit. Fun stuff! It's nice to get out and do something!
Well, I better go. They are yelling for me!
Have a good night!

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