Monday, January 08, 2007

My husband thinks he's a pilot...

Okay so Eric thinks he's a pilot. No he isn't a pilot, he's a dentist. It is driving me insane. I swear. He doesn't even have life insurance yet!! The dentist he works with, Dr. J, is working towards his pilot liscense and has decided to talk Eric into joining him. They even went to the airport in Guthrie and flew with an instructor yesterday. He called to let me know they were about to take off and I told him I was VERY upset with him. He said do you want to talk to the pilot? I said yes, I would love to. So the pilot gets on the phone and I say

"Do you have a million dollars?"

He says "Excuse me?"

"I said, do you have a million dollars?"

He says "No ma'am, I don't"

"Well my husband is worth at least one million dollars and if you die someone is going to have to come up with one million dollars. He has a one year old son and he doesn't have life insurance yet and you have him up in some airplane."

He says "Well ma'am I assure you I am very safe. I have a one year old as well."

"I said good, he better come home tonight." And I hung up the phone.

So then he calls me back. Eric that is. To tell us to go outside and they are going to fly over us and wave....and HE will be flying. I said WHAT?!?!?! He said don't worry he has the same controls as the instructor in the other seat. Is he trying to give me a heart attack???

So let me explain why I am against him getting him liscense. Every doctor thinks they can fly an airplane. How many times a week do you see where some doctor has crashed and died from flying their own plane? Some guy died two days ago in Arizona or somewhere. AND he had an 11 month old daughter! People die like once a week in little airplanes! One of our childhood friend's dad died about five years ago in his! It's insane. I told him he needs to find a new hobby! Perhaps scrapping?? At least it's on the ground!!! Okay I'm done...for now!

We didn't do anything today and it was wonderful! I only got one scrap page done and it was for the Design Team at The January Kit is so awesome! The photo was taken on my sister's birthday last year. Brodey was 6 days old! Sad!!

Okay I'm going to bed. I hope that the carpet lady calls tomorrow! I can't wait until we get new carpet and the house is back to normal!!



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